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Not up in the sky, but up close


Charles Town, West Va / Mid 70's

Hello..... I've just accidently located your Web site. In a way I just want a place to sound off for a bit. Maybe I should start off trying to prove that I'm a fairly normal person with all the fragilities of any other human. But I won't. But I do want to share a generic version of something that I experienced in West Virginia during the Mid 70's.

Between Charles town and Harpers Ferry West Va. I did see a UFO one evening. Not up in the sky but up close and very clearly. Maybe 20 car lenghts away at the most. Before this event I guess you could say I had an agnostic attitude towards UFO's and Aliens. Kind of ...I couldn't prove they existed and I couldn't prove they didn't. But I was open to possibilities.

I walked closer to this object and was transfixed. Not once did I feel un-safe or afraid. Although I thought afterwards that maybe I should have been. It was hard to believe what I was looking upon. I tried everyway imaginable to discredit what I sa w. But I couldn't.

I'm not a book smart person so to speak and I can only relate to you my impression of what I saw. It was a glowing light around a metal object. The interesting things was....if you have a light bulb that is lit and glowing it shines over a large distance. This was clearly lit up but it didn't cast the light all over the place.

As I walked close I thought at first I saw a man and instantly thought that this entire event was a product of my imagination. Feeling safe at seeing this man I walked even closer. What I saw was not a man in the human sense. And this is where I get co nfused. I felt an overwhelming friendly presence but with out a voice I could understand thoughts. But the confusing thing was this "person" or Alien was not like the many description that I've seen or read that other people describe. It was diffiuclt to tell the color of the skin..but I would say it was close to a shade of light blue. Almost like you could see vains in the area's exposed. The "person" wasn't naked. It had what appeared to have a thin layer of clothing on its body. On the forearms and hands there was and abundance of light hair. The facial features were not excatly normal as in human..but fairly close. The eyes looked greyish blue. This next part is the more difficult to explain. The back of the head was kind of oval, but somehow, and I don't know why I think this....but it was some kind of apparatus and it worked in conjuction with the thin layer suit this"person" was wearing. (the covering was on back of its head also)

It was a situtation that not being smart I didn't or couldn't ask questions that I might be able to share some reasonable explaination of the event. I do remember something about asking why the object didn't light up the area and how did it travel. All I can honestly remember is something that the object was like at the end of a tunnel and the light was blocked. That travel was done by traveling with in light itself.

The object itself was......something like a stretched out triangle. Flat on what I thought was the bottom and pointed on the top. But the sides were longer and the top was short. It didn't have flashing lights or anything like that......It didn't really make any noise either. But somehow I remember something I guess you could call a vibration. This entire event must have lasted at least 1 hours. When the object left it was like it closed up inside a hole or something. As soon as it was gone their was a feeling of emptiness. Its difficult to explain.

Like I said in the begining I'm just sounding off. All of what I have written is true....and I'm not looking to be public about this event at all. The main thing that bothers me is the "person" I saw is so un-like what other people describe. I've yet to hear or see a description that bears any similiarity. Same thing with the object I saw. I don't mean this to sound rude or arrogant but when because other people don't describe what I actually saw, I tend to disbelieve them and their claims. But on the other hand I try to think that maybe there are other but similiar forms of these "people" and I shouldn't limit myself.

Anyway....thanks for taking the time to read this. No reply is needed. But please file this away somewhere. Sometime someone will see and speak closely of what I have written to you.

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