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September 27, 2000

Central Idaho / September 27, 2000

Four out-of-state hunters were camped at a remote site in central Idaho on the night of Wednesday, September 27th, 2000.  They had been in the area for approximately a week, an area where they have hunted annually for over two decades, and with which they had become very familiar.

At approximately 9:45 p.m. on that night, one of the four men went outside their camper to obtain food from a storage locker in the back of his pickup truck. As he approached his vehicle, he seemed to sense that something didn't seem quite right, "like a thick blanket suspended overhead," he said.  However, it was not until a few seconds later that he realized just how correct his senses were!  As he stepped up on the rear tire of his truck to reach into the bed, his flashlight swept across the clear night sky above him, illuminating something very large, and directly overhead.  He immediately glanced up, and was so startled by what he saw that he fell to his knees from shock.  He was looking at the bottom of a huge, silent, unlighted triangular-shaped object, that was sitting motionless in the sky directly above the campground!  His initial impression was that the object was at least the size of a football field, hundreds of feet on a side.  It had rounded corners, and its skin, where his flashlight had swept over one corner of the bizarre object, exhibited distinct texture.  It was so large that it seemed to blot out the sky above him!

The witness, 43-years of age, started yelling almost hysterically for the others to come outside immediately.  The men in the camper were so alarmed by tone in their friend's voice that they rushed for the camper door, expecting to see a bear attacking their mules, or some "normal" event taking place outside.  They were not prepared for what they saw.  Fortunately, two of them were able to get outside in time to witness the object overhead slowly and silently begin to move away from their campground toward a nearby mountain.  Even before they had managed to get out the door, however, the object had begun to generate a distinct whining sound, at which time lights suddenly appeared on the ventral surface. A large, round, subdued, white light was now plainly visible in each of the three corners of the triangle, and a prominent red, strobing light was visible in the middle of the ventral surface.

The two witnesses who had rushed outside quickly grabbed high-quality binoculars and were able to focus on the object long enough to be able to observe it for approximately 45-60 seconds.  As if the event were not stunning enough already by this time, the object proceeded to ascend and maneuver up a narrow canyon in the side of the nearby mountain.  They described its motion through the sky as being "like a hockey puck gliding over ice," i.e. very smooth and unwavering.

One of the three has been a private pilot for over two decades, and he felt certain that it was not moving through the atmosphere the way an aerodynamic body would.

The group was stunned by their sighting!  After they had discussed the event for several hours, two of the party felt so threatened by the event that they decided to leave the area, drive several hours to the nearest major town, and spend the night in a motel.  One of the two, the first to witness the object, spent a very uncomfortable night, lying awake and thinking about the object he had witnessed hours earlier.  He felt keenly "on edge," and startled dramatically on one occasion, for example, when the electric heater in their room suddenly came on.

The next morning, they contacted local government offices to report the incident, providing them with details of the sighting, including the co-ordinates of their sighting.  They then contacted the National UFO Reporting Center, which took a report from them over the telephone and requested a follow-up written report.

After reporting the incident, they returned to the site, and remained there for several more days before driving back to their homes.  Interestingly, the two men who remained at the camp witnessed military jet fighters fly down the valley the object had flown up the night before, and pass directly over their camp.  They reported that the jets were rocking their wings dramatically as they descended down the valley toward their camp.

Further investigation into the incident is forthcoming..

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